Corrugated Flexible Hose

Made of 304 stainless steel, the corrugated flexible hose is a high quality general purpose connection hose and suitable for conveying all fluids.

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Made of 304 stainless steel, the corrugated flexible hose is a high quality general purpose connection hose and suitable for conveying all fluids. Due to its high pressure resistance, flexibility and light weight, it can be installed in liquid delivery systems. Its operating temperature is -40~120 °C. It is called a corrugated hose because its interior and exterior are wave-shaped. It has strong carrying capacity, which can withstand the heavy pressure of the foot. It does not break and deform, and can recover quickly, and has no damage on itself.

The interface is made of electroplated brass and has strong wear resistance. It is durable and flexible. There are different lengths for you to choose from, such as 30cm, 35cm, etc. We are a professional manufacture to produce all kinds of hose pipe and pipe fittings. If you want to know more products, please contact us.


  1. Not easily deformed at high temperatures;

  2. With excellent tensile technology, the toughness is good and the rebound is not deformed.


Serial   No.





brass/stainless steel


Flat gasket

silica gel /EPDM

Corrugated   tube


Outer diameter:11mm

Working temperature:-40~120℃

Blasting pressure:3.5MPa 

working pressure:0.6MPa

Length:30cm,35cm,40cm, 80cm...

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