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Do you want to know stainless steel sanitary bend?

Nov 09, 2017

The information of stainless steel sanitary bend as following:

Product name: stainless steel sanitary bend

External processing: we can process non-standard products according to customer's requirements. 

Packaging: carton or wooden box, shockproof membrane packing

Product price: electricity, online quotation, negotiable

Outer surface light or sublight (Ra is less than 0.8 mu )

Internal surface mechanical polishing Ra is less than or equal to 0.8mu m

Connect mode: clamp (quick install) type, welding (butt welding) type, thread (live) type. 

Product material: stainless steel 202 201 301, 310 S, 321,304, 304 L, 316 316L

Dn10-dn150 related products: standard specification: DIN, SMS, ISO, IDF, 3A, RJT, DS, BS, BPE, API,JIS, GB, etc

Control diameter: DIN standard (DN10-6), 3 a/IDF criteria (1/2 "to 6"), ISO standard (12.7-152.4 ะค ); 

Manufacturing process: precision manufacturing of CNC machine tool, fine and external polishing, achieving surface precision requirements;The incoming material adopts strict quality testing system to ensure the quality of the products. 

Product application: suitable for beer. Food. Wine. Drink. Dairy products, spices, monosodium glutamate. Cosmetics. Toothpaste. Fine chemical industry, medicine and health care and biotechnology industry such as low pressure pipeline