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How do you fix a braided hose on the faucet?

Apr 07, 2020

In the kitchen or wash room, how to fix a braided hose on faucet? What is the order of fixing Basin, drainer, faucet and hoses? Please see the below steps:


1.Draw the installation position of the kitchen basin with a pencil on the stovetop first according to the size on the countertop , cut off the middle with a tool, put the wash basin in the hole.

2.Make mounting holes in the table for inserting faucet.

3.Install the faucet into the hole on the countertop.

4.Start the fixing under the basin, connect inlet braided hose and outlet braided with faucet, and then connect hoses with water pipes. Fix drainer with basin and drainer pipe.

5.Debug the faucet and hoses until there is no water leakage. Adjust basin and fix it with glass glue. Press down with a heavy object in the place where it is raised, and it will be solidified. 

Till to now, you finished fixing of basin,drainer, faucet and hoses. You can use the water system after few hours when the glue is freezed.

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