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How To Choose High Quality Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings

Jul 02, 2019

For stainless steel threaded fittings, how to choose high quality fittings?

There are 3 distinguish standards as follows:

  1. The surface should be smooth and no sand hole or protruding part.

      The below pipe crosses, pipe tees and elbows are all with good surfaces.


    2.QQ图片20190702112405 The threads should be smooth whatever BSPT threads or NPT threads.

         Generally speaking, the threads will be more smooth if they were made 

         by machine not by manpower.Please check our Nexagon Nipples with good threads.


3. Choose correct size for your pipe system. 

        You should offer your supplier with the correct product size which is suitable for your pipes.

        Let's take thread male pipe as samples, you should know the length of male pipe and the 

        length of thread, ID and OD. Those data will also become the standard of choosing products.



        The above three points are for your reference when you choose threaded fittings.

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