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How to Repair a Steel Braided Hose

Apr 10, 2020

Steel braided hoses and garden hoses are identical in almost every way. They are used by homeowners across the nation. Steel braiding adds additional support to the hose which used in applications where additional strength is required for pressure. The below steps are about how to repair the steel braided hoses for your refference.


1.Find the damaged section of the hose. Remove the hose from any attached devices if necessary, and set it in the sun for a few hours to make the rubber portions warm up and reach the highest level of flexibility. Soak the damaged portion in hot water for additional flexibility if desired.


2.Place the blade of the hacksaw against the hose and begin cutting by hand. Cut through the hose on either side of the damage section, removing it completely from the hose. Use a utility knife to clean the edges.


3.Prepare a steel braided hose repair kit that corresponds with your type of hose.Obey the manufacturer's instructions to loosen the clamped sections of the coupler generally with a screwdriver. 

4.Make some dish soap at the end of the two pieces of hose that will slide into the coupler. Slide both ends of the hose into the coupler device and ensure they are pushed in as far as they can go. Hold them in place while you tighten the screws on the coupler, locking the two ends in place and running them through the coupler.

5. Open the water and let the water flow through the hoses. If no leaking from the hoses, you finish the work.

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