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PVC Flexible Hose Manufacturing Process

Nov 18, 2016

PVC Flexible Hoses are widely used in people’s daily activities. It is categorized in many types like transparent, Braided, Suction and so on. Among them here I am going to explain about the manufacturing process of PVC Suction hoses. For that I visit my nearest Manufacturer. It is a largest chain action. When I understand it, I really amazed. First, workers and operators are getting ready for that day production. First they go to meet their Production Supervisor. He / She provide item details which they need to produce that day. That person also splits them as groups and allot them work. After that they go their respective working area. Then operators will schedule their group work for that day.

Then PVC Flexible Hose manufacturing starts as follows: Workers will bring raw materials from store; few of them will start and warm up machines; operators put moulds and set their production line; that consist of two extruders and cooling water tanks;

Workers will bring materials and weigh them as per their operators guide; then mix them in mixture machine well; it will mix all raw materials, lubricants, oils and others well; there they mix color of the item here; after mixing well they make them melt and made them as small granules; this is for one extruder; at another side they mix chemical items under operator guidance; then they mix another color here; this is for another one extruder; here they denoted them as two names; one is Rigid and another one is Soft; Rigid will be in one extruder and Soft will be in another extruder; they both connected in one mould box; this contains springs;

when machine finishing warm up and starts first they use previous day wasted granules for trial; if it will come well then they use fresh granules; this extruder will be auto loader; both will be melted; operator make them to touch the springs in the mold; after that the rigid and soft part will be lay on the spring one by one in regular; the end will be covered to avoided to go water inside; this will roll out directly in the cooling water tank; this water will be recycled as well as it will be rotated; now suction hose is formed and send through cooling water; when it touches the certain length, it will be cut automatically; it will be moved through printer; 

There it will be printed for name; sometimes they don’t print; then brand stickers are tagged on it; then operator put cover for the out coming new one; workers will collect hoses and check them well; if they found any damage they will cut and send them to waste section; and remaining to bit section; if it is ok means they will send them to packing section; there workers will roll up them and tie them; they send them to weighing area; there it will be weighed and tagged with weight; after that it will be covered; and date of manufacturing will be printed on them or noted on them; at finally workers will bundled them safely; then each roll weight will be noted and tagged with them; workers will move them to production store; after that store keeper entered them and moved them to dispatched. Thus Suction hoses are manufactured. If you watch this in video you really amazed about this work.

----Nov 25, 2013 By : Sakkthi Polymers

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