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What kinds of sanitary pipe fittings are available?

Aug 15, 2020

What kind of sanitary pipe fittings can you get from our company?

1 Packing way: plastic bag + wooden carton

2 Types: DIN standards (DN15 - DN159), ISO standard (19.1 Ф-159 Ф ), SMS,3A

3 Connections: fast loading ,butt welding pipe

4 Standards: ISO, DIN, IDF,3A,SMS

5. Materials:304, 316, 316l stainless steel

6.Quality and uses: products inside and outside processing with high-grade polishing equipment, meet the surface precision requirements.Spot welding with imported welder equipment, this product is suitable for beer, pharmacy, dairy, food and beverage machinery manufacturers and large-scale sanitary engineering fields.

7 Pipe fittings advantages: not only can meet the requirements of hygiene quality appeal industry, but also can replace imported has a simple structure modelling beautiful and fast installation and switch quickly, flexible operation, fluid resistance is small, the use of safe and reliable.

8 Material: full steel acid-resistant stainless steel material, food sealers adopt silicon rubber or ptfe material, under the food hygienic standard.

9 Foreign processing: can according to user requirements for processing non-standard products.

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