Bidet Shower Hose

This bidet shower hose is a stainless steel electroplating encryption shower tube. Its nner material is EPDM or PVC.

Product Details

This bidet shower hose is a stainless steel electroplating encryption shower tube. Its nner material is EPDM or PVC. The waterproof skin inside the tube is thick and durable. The toughness of the material is strong. It has good tensile strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, high gloss and comfortable hand. Metal hoses are not easily tripped and broken. There are double buckles and single buckles available for selection. The surface is subjected to multiple processes, multi-layer plating, therefore it has  excellent frost resistance.

Due to the large number of specifications of the braided tube and the shower tube, the products cannot be displayed on the website one by one. If you have more needs, you can contact us directly. We are a manufacturer with many years of experience in the production of hoses and fittings, we can give you a more portable and affordable purchase. I hope that our cooperation can bring us more room for development.

Technical specifications:

Applicable medium: water

Hose outer diameter:12.5-13mm

Working temperature:-20~100℃(EPDM)

Stretching resistance:>80kgs

Blasting pressure:5MPa

Working pressure: 0.6MPa

Length: 0.5m~2m

Insert core type: Rotating/Ordinary

Length: According to customers' requirements

Outer: Single-lock/Double-lock

Outer diameter:11.5mm~20mm

Outer pipe material:201,301 or 304 stainless steel/Brass

Inner tube material: EPDM/PVC

Washer material: Plastic/Rubber

Surface: Chrome plated/Natural/Bronze plated/Nickel   pated/Golden plated

Nut material: Brass/Stainless steel/Zinc/Plastic

Insert core material :Brass/Stainless steel/Lithium/Plastic


The material is demagnetized to prevent rust;

High temperature resistance, not easy to age, not easy to corrode;

Excellent bending and stretching ability.

Product show:

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