360 Rotate Spray Stainless Steel EPDM Shower Hose (HY6016)

PVC sliver shower hose: 1.It is also called sliver-wire hoses; 2.Brass nut F1/2"XF1/2" and brass core; 3.EPDM gasket and o-rignt; 4.Stainless steel sleeves; 5.Outer diameter: 14mm; 6.length: 125cm/150cm; 7.Working pressure: 1.0Mpa

Product Details
Standardization plays an important role in ensuring toilet supply line, rubber hose adapter, eccentric reducer quality and promoting technological progress. Expertise and know-how ensure that we are always enjoying the trust from our customers in our business activities. We are committed to increasing market penetration in many countries, especially in emerging economies.

1.25M/1.5M long 1/2" Plastic PVC silver foil plumbing flexible shower hose

Taking PVC and aluminum foil as the main materials together with other processes, the metal foil PVC shower hose has a bright and colorful appearance, and meet the demand of all kinds of aesthetic tastes. Customers can choose from a great variety of colors and models.


This product is mainly used for connection between sprinkler and faucet.

Technical specifications:

Applicable medium:water

Hose outer diameter:14mm                

Working temperature:-20~70℃

Stretching resistance:>50kgs                   

Blasting pressure:3MPa 

Working pressure: 0.6MPa

Length: 0.5m~2m


Circular connector


Cone connector 1/2"

Cone connector with o-ring 1/2"

Knurled connector 1/2"

 Product pictures:


We always believe that warm and thoughtful service adds value to the quality of 360 Rotate Spray Stainless Steel EPDM Shower Hose (HY6016) to gain more customer trust! We use good supervision mechanism and assessment mechanism to ensure the feasibility and sustainability of the implementation of the strategy. In the production and sales of products, our factory strictly controls the quality, and every batch of products must pass strict inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the quality, so as to reach the excellent standard.
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