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In a piping system, Stainless Steel 90 Degree Elbow is a pipe that changes the direction of the pipe. 90 degrees is one of the most commonly used elbows.

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We strive to strengthen the technological innovation in the manufacturing process and continuously improve the level of braided water hose, stainless steel fittings, pipe holder manufacturing. Our company promises that there is no exaggeration, only reliable quality and meticulous service. May our painstaking efforts and sweat confirm our testimony to success. We hope that our employees will be grateful for the work treatment and development opportunities offered by the enterprise and the help of leaders and colleagues. We regularly organize employees to go out for study and training to improve our comprehensive market competitiveness. We will actively promote technological innovation, strengthen basic management, and improve control level.

In a piping system, Stainless Steel 90 Degree Elbow is a pipe that changes the direction of the pipe. 90 degrees is one of the most commonly used elbows. It is widely used in plumbing installations. Stainless steel elbows have certain corrosion resistance (oxidizing acid, organic acid, cavitation), heat resistance and wear resistance.

Its inner wall has a high finish and avoids the occurrence of confounding of impurities, making it the most ideal material for construction. Its tensile strength is 2-10 times higher than that of general water pipe materials. It has a thin, dense oxide film that acts to react with the oxidant and prevent further oxidation reactions.


Multiple sizes available for you;

Good temperature and wear resistance, high tensile strength;

We specialize in the production of stainless steel pipe fittings and elbows with guaranteed quality.



High quality stainless steel 201,304,316,304L, 316L.



DN6 to DN100




Connecting the pipeline






Stainless steel Casting




Ink printing / casting

Application range

Stainless Steel 90 Degree Elbow is widely used as linkages of pipes for the transportation of water ,oil, gas and every kind of corrosive suitable for stainless steel.

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