Female Hydraulic Pipe Cross Fittings 4 Way Pipe Connector for Industry

Stainless Steel Pipe Cross Made from stainless steel for strength and higher corrosion resistance

Product Details
We have always strive to make coupling socket, shower head hose, pipe fitting reducer with high efficiency and low energy consumption in the position of users, allowing our customers to reduce costs. Innovation is the number one driving force that leads our development and is present in our work every day. We establish a firm and clear quality concept. We uphold professional spirit, focus on core advantages, pursue excellent quality and adhere to excellence

Product Name: stainless steel pipe cross 


1. Cross for connecting and branching four pieces of pipe

2. Female National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads on all four ends for connecting male pipes

3. Made from stainless steel for strength and higher corrosion resistance

4. Twin ferrule fittings provide metal-to-metal seal connections, non-elastomeric seals for leak-free connections.

5. Leak-proof joints capable of satisfying high pressure vacuum and vibration applications.

Used in agriculture, chemical, home, food, medical and industry vacuum machines.

Application: Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, General Industry, etc.

Through on-time logistics delivery, our Female Hydraulic Pipe Cross Fittings 4 Way Pipe Connector for Industry will be delivered to customers quickly and safely. To do every simple thing well is not simple, to do every ordinary thing well is extraordinary. We will make technology our forerunner and combine good resources and develop to multiple directions.
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