Union Tee 3 Way Plastic Water Pipe RO Quick Fitting Connector

Stainless Steel Pipe Cross Made from stainless steel for strength and higher corrosion resistance

Product Details
Our company not only sells 2 meter shower hose, butt weld reducing tee, ss fittings from production to customers, but also pays more attention to matching them with the most suitable users. Our company has a sales team with core competitiveness, which can ensure the continuous improvement of the sales service ability of the whole team. The completion of sales performance, sales profit and other indicators has a solid guarantee. We hope to promote enterprise development with modern business civilization and ethics, so that our company can become a more respected and trustworthy enterprise in the market competition and cooperation. We advocate excellence, the constant pursuit of excellence, and infuse the highest standards of professionalism into every aspect of our business. We continue to strengthen management, build marketing system and strengthen the construction of marketing system and mechanism.

Product Name: stainless steel pipe cross 


1. Cross for connecting and branching four pieces of pipe

2. Female National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads on all four ends for connecting male pipes

3. Made from stainless steel for strength and higher corrosion resistance

4. Twin ferrule fittings provide metal-to-metal seal connections, non-elastomeric seals for leak-free connections.

5. Leak-proof joints capable of satisfying high pressure vacuum and vibration applications.

Used in agriculture, chemical, home, food, medical and industry vacuum machines.

Application: Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, General Industry, etc.

We always follow the core values of exceeding customer expectations and creating the best Union Tee 3 Way Plastic Water Pipe RO Quick Fitting Connector. We strive to keep our products close to the development trend of the times, and continue to introduce new ones, so that customers can recognize and trust our products. We aim to build a famous brand which can influence a certain group of people and light up the whole world.
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